The mayor of Reykjavík, Iceland is taking questions on Reddit as of this writing. Mayor Jón Gnarr, “Anarchist, atheist and a clown (according to a comment on a blog site)”, responded to one question thusly:


Reddit has a community for “Forever Alones”,  people who by choice or by circumstance find themselves perpetually unable to connect with other human beings. The community doesn’t have a clear objective, but a mix of people looking to commiserate, learn social skills, or develop other life skills.

In this community, I found my philosophical polar opposite:

The point of Forever Alone is not that you dont have a partner (at least from where I see it), the point is to destroy the idiotic belief that most people lead lives worth living. This is false. Most people live shit lives and are in denial about it.

There is no point in living if youre not model looking, arent rich, and arent famous. ZERO POINT. None. I am trying to drill this through people’s heads here.

I find myself feeling a mix of pity for this person for whatever led them to think this way, anger at them spreading this belief to vulnerable people, and mostly disbelief that someone could actually believe this.


I turned 30 today. I wish I had kept a list of my favorite songs at each birthday to track the changes, but it’s never too late for now.

  1. Curtis Mayfield: Suffer (1970) [Youtube link]
  2. Leonard Cohen: Chelsea Hotel No. 2 (1974) [Youtube link]
  3. Velvet Underground: Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ (1970) [Youtube link]
  4. Notorious B.I.G.: Party and Bullshit (1993) [Youtube link]
  5. Miike Snowe: Animal (2009) [Youtube link]

We’ll see how it changes.


"In the current paradigm of science, only knowledge derived through a strictly empirical method underpinned by observation, inference, and experimental verification can be considered valid.  This method involves the use of quantification and measurement, repeatability, and confirmation by others.  Many aspects of reality as well as some key elements of human existence, such as the ability to distinguish between good and evil, spirituality, artistic creativity – some of the things we most value about human beings – inevitably fall outside the scope of the method."

(via Will Cady’s Ego)


"What Obama did was give trans people a way to bypass the states entirely. They changed the rules on updating the sex on your passport. Previously, you needed proof of surgery. Now, all you need is a doctor’s note. Additionally, the social security office no longer issues records no-match letters to employers if the sex doesn’t line up.

"The passport is a huge deal. A passport proves citizenship and thus the right to work. You can present a passport when applying for a job. You can present a passport ID card when going to a bar, buying alcohol, or paying with a check/credit card. The only time you ever need a drivers license is when you’re pulled over while driving."

(quoted from reddit user isleepinahammock)


Redditor “cuntarsetits” posted this spot-on satire of an online American:

If you don’t tip at least 55% then fuck you, you’re a douche, your server relies on tips for a living, my mom’s only taken one hour off work in the past 7 years because her boss would totally fire her if she were away any longer and then she’d lose her healthcare and wouldn’t be able get her blood work or dentistry done because it costs $45000 for a check up and $135000 for whitening unless you use the strips which are pretty dangerous, unlike guns which are totally safe unless you haven’t done basic training or are a douche like my brother in law who shot his kid in the head by mistake but that’s his own fault for not listening to the rules and remembering never to point it at anything you don’t intend to kill, but I’d rather that than not having the basic right to hold up a sign saying “You are a fucking douche” anywhere I want as guaranteed by the constitution, but jeez I wish we had boobs on tv shows like they do in europe, although it was actually called soccer way before it was called football my professor told me that at college although to be fair he also told me evolution was a crock and we were put here by angels but it was a liberal arts community college since that’s all I could afford and I’ve got $475000 in loans which I should be able to start paying off soon if I can get an entry level position as an intern on no pay that doesn’t require 15 years experience, and then I plan to go visit europe even though it means getting patted down by the TSA but it’s worth it because I can stay for free with my cousin who lives in a place called Luton which I hear is totally cool and then we’ll be in london for the olympics and be able to see all the great british bands like radiohead, adele and paul mccartney, although I hear the mexican food is pretty bad.


Writer Gael Chandler’s The Joy of Film Editing has an interesting piece about Ryota Nakanishi, a Japanese editor who’s worked in several East Asian countries. The job sounds much more tedious and less creative than the American version:

Although U.S. editors have master shots and coverage, Asian (in Japan, Taiwan, etc.) editors don’t get these shot varieties. Most directors just shoot what is on the storyboards, so all we can do is to edit in the order of the storyboard description with little or no coverage.


DeadSpin has a very complete look back at “Homer at Bat”, my favorite Simpsons episode, in which Mr. Burns hires a group of big-league baseball players to fix the office softball league.

Aside from the logistics of recording nine separate guest roles, plot lines had to be rewritten on the fly. Jose Canseco’s scene originally called for him and Mrs. Krabappel to engage in Bull Durham-inspired extramarital shenanigans. Canseco’s wife rejected the scene, and the staff had to do a last-minute Saturday afternoon rewrite when Oakland came south on a mid-August road trip.


An interesting question was posted on reddit today: Are you a cinephile or a cinephage? User aliasbex explains the difference:

a cinephile is someone who exercises much more control over the movies they watch and may stick to more arthouse or classic film, while a cinephage is someone who will watch basically anything.

I think there are lessons to learn from all kinds of movies, so I suppose I would fall on the cinephage side, and it’s interesting to draw a distinction.

Kenneth Parcel on Love

Kenneth Parcel on Love